It’s just a pizza box.

Full or empty – just a pizza box. But what if … it’s a pizza box destined for more than holding an award-winning, hand-tossed Helen Back pie?

Okaloosa veteran resources

A pizza box that can save lives.

Helen Back is blessed to have its humble beginnings in beautiful Northwest Florida, home to much of the most powerful military force the world has ever known. From thousands of free pies on Military Mondays, a Zachary Fisher award, to countless pies provided at local military events, the relationship between Helen Back Pizza and our active-duty military and Veteran community is long and storied.


In military jargon, this refers to the critical time just BEFORE a veteran or service member accepts suicide as the last option.

This one phrase had a profound impact on the founder of Helen Back, when he realized that a simple pizza box could be part of a solution.

The HelenBackONTRACK MISSION is to use pizza boxes to spread opportunities and information available in our community, that may help a struggling battle buddy get BACK ON TRACK.

Emerald Coast veteran resources

Every day an estimated 22 American Veterans choose suicide as the answer.


That’s where HelenBackONTRACK comes in.

  • Maybe someone needs help getting their maximum benefits.
  • Maybe someone just needs to eat, or a place to stay.
  • Maybe they just need someone to talk with.
  • Maybe they need to escape addiction.
  • Maybe they’re looking for help at THAT moment, perhaps to connect with some “teammates.”
  • Maybe they need a job, or a new skillset.
  • Maybe a veteran wants to own his own business (like a pizza shop) and offer the same help to more people… people looking for their purpose.

So, empty or full, it’s just a pizza box.

But now the Helen Back Pizza box has a MISSION that can last … a lifetime.