Become a Partner

A simple pizza box could be part of a solution. A box destined for recycling may be of service one last time. That’s where comes into play.

The MISSION is to utilize the pizza boxes as a conduit to this website, to provide information and opportunities available throughout the community.

The very information that may help a struggling battle buddy to get BACK ON TRACK.

Think about the MISSION…

Your logo on our box can make a difference.

Thousands of people will see this box…

  • On conference tables,
  • At ball fields
  • At schools and churches
  • In squad rooms
  • On dining room tables
  • anywhere there’s a Helen Back pizza box!

To start a conversation!! To help veterans in our community

We are seeking FOUR (4) $5,000 sponsors to place their logo on the box and be featured on the website, to offset the cost of setup and printing the boxes.

Contact Information

Chris Sehman